Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pasture Land ( Blog 13)

1.) Immediate Response: This is a very pretty picture with the blue sky and clouds in the back ground. When I look at this picture I first see the pair of cows eating the lush grass after the wonderful rain that we desperately needed. I think it is a very inspiring landscape because it reminds me of back home. The corals in the background say that they have a place of shelter and can get out of the weather. I also can see a baby calf laying in the grass, oh you have to love spring calving.

2.) Object Description: I am looking into the back hills of Hays into a pasture. There are a pare of cows with one of there calves laying in the grass. There are a set of corals behind them and a loading cute for getting them back home if need be.

3.) Formal Matters: This picture is very realistic and shows dark and lights. It has many values and i very eye appealing. Most people love landscapes do to the vast variety's you can get. You can match and theme in a house whether its a farm stead or a skyscraper in a big city. They are just very intriguing to the eye.

4.) The Story It Tells: I think it tells a lot because this is home for me. There is life writen all over this picture. It shows how something can grow and prosper from a baby calf to a cow. It shows that brown grass can turn into green grass within a couple of days of nice rain. The clouds offer peice to the whole thing and the baby blue sky.

5.) The Work In The World: His work is very bright and very obscure. It reminds me of the pictures of sunrise and sunset. Mine relates a little in that way but is nothing close to the brightness in his work he has great line quality and is very relistc in his lanscapes. Some of his work is abstract and very gestral.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dirt Track ( Blog 12 )

1.) Immediate Response: That's the car we sponsor and it is a winner! There are many nights spent in the shop getting it ready to go to the track. There is also lots of money spent on it to. So it has value to many of the people who are involved with it. It is an awesome paint job to.

2.) Objective Description: I am looking at the front of a dirt track car called a modified. It has a big motor and they race on dirt. It is yellow with purple flames coming up the front that's what makes it contrasting.

3.) Formal matters: There is many lines that are very cool and it is very centered in the photo. There are many parallel lines and diagonal lines. I thing it is very neat all the different angles and straight lines.

4.) Story It Tells: This photo tells many stories cause we were getting it ready to go to the track and didn't think it was going to perform very well cause we still hadn't worked out all the bugs. What do you know we won our heat race and qualified for the A main. Then we went on to finish first in the A main and won 32,000 dollars!!! So Awesome!

Sloss ( Blog 11)

1.) Immediate Response: WOW!!! This is crazy the furnaces are so tall and they tap out 80,000 lbs. of iron out of these, no way!!! I think this photo is awesome it has a very similar color in harmony but is very massive and just says hello!!! I am SLOSS come check me out!

2.) Objective Description: I am Looking at tall stacks and a huge furnace that stands about 300 ft. in the air. There are big boiler tanks that heated the air to blow into the furnaces to. There is about 9 of them.

3.) Formal Matters: The line quality is very uniform and catches your eye. There is many corresponding colors that complement it very well. I think it is just an awesome photo and place. There are many complementary colors that we saw on the stacks and all around very red and rusty. There also was some yellows and oranges. I thought it was very interesting.

4.) The Story It Tells: It tells way to many story to even tell. There were many men who lost there lives running this place back in the 1800's. They risk there lives every day pooring molten iron.

5.) The Work In The World: It connects in some of the color values but not much. I think it has its own color sceme that can not be repeated anywhere cause its been there for a long time. There also is many famous artist that visit this site. There are four that even work there full time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Home (Blog 6)

1.) Immediate Response- I think this picture illustrates lots of textures. It has many different variety's with the bricks and the wood. you also can see the textures very well in the photo. The first thing I notice about this photo is our last name in the picture frame. It is made out of the old wood barn of my grandparents farm. It also makes me think of home. The textures are different and thats what I like aboiut this photo.

2.) Objective Description- In the picture that I am looking at there is a brick fire place and up on the manttle is a candle holder made out of a old telaphone pole. Then there is a piture up on the wall with my last name in it that has a old wood frame around it.

3.) Formal Matters- There is good line quality and many diffrent textures in the picture from the bricks to the wood. It is a very centered picture and is very symetrical. The colors also match and blend very well in the photo. There are also lots of diffrent values and highlights to the picture.

4.) The Story It Tells- This reminds me of my family and were I live. It also makes me think of warmth being by the fireplace. My dad made the candle holder so it has meaning to me and also the picture fram was made out of my grandpas old barn that they tore down. The one word I would use to describe it is just probley "Home"

5.) The Work In The World- I really dont think it relates to any of his work as his are more just simple and plain textures and it doesn't make me think of his work. I think some of his things are very good for the textures but my photo doesn't relate very well at all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Box (Blog 5)

1.) Immediate Response- I really think that this is a good example of one point perspective and is very easy to look at with the eye. You dont see a lot of one point perspective pictures and its hard to find a place to take one.

2.) Object Decription- I am looking at a brown box that is angle at a 45 degree in front of a black curtin. and is held by a hand in the corner. There is tape on the center of the box.

3.) Formal Matters- This picture is off center so you can tell were the vanishing point is. I think it is very easy to see the one point perspective also. There are not many things to take a picture of thats one point perspective.

4.) Story It Tells- This picture does not tell much of a story for me it is very plain and right to the point. I think it says that you can find a way to make one point perspective. There could be many stories for this but I can't think of one.

5.)The Work In The World- I think it relates to there work as it is off one point perspective but its not detailed like his pictures and is very intriging to see. I love the way his work looks. I think that it also has many things in the pictures that I looked at.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Drag It (Blog 4)

1.) Immediate Response- When I look at this photo I took I think WOW!!! That's a fast car. This is my step Dad's car and when I took this I thought is has great expression of me. It also shows lots of value's within the photo. I really like the shadow underneath the car. It really sets the photo well. It also has great highlights on the side of the car were the fenders are flared.

2.) Objective Description- In this picture there is a 1969 SS Chevelle that is competion orange. It is on a drag strip and there is a guy behind the car that is running the tree. The car is raised up off the ground. This shows you that he is taking off. There are very big back tires on the car and it allows the car to hook up to the track better.

3.) Formal Matters- I really think this photo has great line as it leads your eyes very well. I think it has great compostion in the shadow and the highlights are very intruging. It shows many values through the picture to which is very eye appealling to. The picture is centered but it almost leads the eye as if you were looking from the side.

4.) The Story It Tells- To me it tells there is danger and lots of addrenaline involved which is what I love. I think that it tells you that it is going to go fast down the drag strip just by the front wheels leaving the ground. It also is a passion of mine so it really tells me a lot about my life. My saying since I was a kid was " Live Life In The Fast Lane"!

5.) The Work In The World- My photo does not connect at all with his work. My picture is like totally opposite of balarinas! My picture is fast paced and very loud. This is a good opposite. Cause his work is very soft, quiet and lovely. Mine is very loud, bold and fast paced.

Roller Mill (Blog 3)